Technique that we use for direct marketing, able to reach the most potential consumers thanks to geographic segmentation and fully customized campaigns to take your product where you want it to go.
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Advertising leaflet that in this case has a folded shape, allowing it to be easily attached to any mailbox, leaving the campaign message in view.
easily hooked to any mailbox, leaving the message of the campaign in view.

This form of mailing is the most eye-catching and attractive to the eye, being of a great visual impact assured.
visual impact. Large marches have opted for this method of direct marketing.

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The objective of poming is to hang a leaflet in the form of a handle on the doorknob of each home.
It is one of the most impactful direct marketing methods since it has many
possibilities of attention.

It brings your campaign closer to the door of every house and it is an original and different way to achieve the desired effect of every campaign.
to achieve the desired effect of any advertising campaign IMPACT the end customer.

Sampling or sample distribution. It is the way to provide a unique experience about the benefits of your product, the best way to bring your brand closer to the customer either by street delivery or home delivery. Currently one of the most effective forms of direct marketing.

The main objectives of a Sampling campaign are:
Attract new customers
To change a bad impression of the product due to a lack of knowledge of its qualities.
To introduce the customer to a range of products, for example by offering a sample of fabric softener with the detergent.
To inform about the novelties of an existing product and its new ways of use.

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